Darius Leonard threw his glove to a fan, with his wedding ring inside


After Sunday’s win over the Vikings, Colts linebacker Darius Leonard threw his gloves to a young fan. But what Leonard didn’t realize was that his wedding ring had come off and was in his glove.

Leonard said on ESPN today that he didn’t realize he had lost his ring until he showered and was getting dressed after the game.

“I looked at my hand and said, ‘Uh oh, this could be bad when I get home,’” Leonard said.

But it wasn’t bad. The family that had the gloves immediately realized the ring was inside, and before Leonard was home from the game, they had already sent his wife a direct message to let her know.

“Luckily, before I even got home and told her, they DM’d her and told her they had the ring,” Leonard said. “It would have been bad if I had come home without the ring and no one said anything, but they had said something to her.”

Leonard said he will continue to wear his wedding ring on the field, and continue throwing his gloves to fans after games.

“I just got to be careful when I throw my gloves,” he said.

Leonard said he’ll be sending the young fan who got his gloves a jersey as well.