Different Kind Of Handshakes And What They Tell


My parents always used to say that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Naturally, I want that impression to be a good one. Just as you can tell a lot about a person’s personality by sitting down to a meal with them, one of the very first impressions you make on a person can be equally as revealing: the handshake. According to ABC News, psychology professor William Chaplin led a study to determine if people’s handshakes were actually related to their personalities. “Chaplin says the results of his study indicate that a person’s handshake is consistent over time and is related to some aspects of his or her personality.” This actually makes total sense to me. After shaking someone’s hand, I quite often have a distinct impression about them even before having the chance to get to know them. So the more important question becomes: what have I been inadvertently telling others about my personality with my handshakes? Scroll through this exclusive list below to find out what your handshakes are saying about you. When I saw what mine revealed about me, I knew I’d be paying way more attention to how I locked hands! What kind of handshake do you most relate to? Let us know in the comments.

1. The Glove

The Glove is a handshake that is all about comfort and reassurance. Rather than reach out with just one hand, you use both to almost entirely encapsulate the other person’s hand. This handshake is your way of putting the other person at ease. You are very intuitive and care about how others are feeling. As a result, you go out of your way to offer reassurance that they can trust you and confide in you. You know just how to be there for others without overstepping your bounds.

2. The Push-and-Pull

The Push-and-Pull is a handshake that is all about energy and enthusiasm. Instead of simply shaking in an up-and-down motion, you like your handshakes to travel horizontally as much as possible. This handshake is your way of letting the other person know just how excited you are to see them. And since you are a genuine person, your friendliness and positive approach can go a long way towards putting the other person at ease. Just be careful not to push and pull too hard. Not everyone shares the same passion for new situations as you do.

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3. The Crusher

The Crusher is a handshake that is all about power and aggression. Your handshake goes way beyond “firm,” sometimes leaving the other person with a throbbing palm and fingers. This handshake is how you let people know that you are a confident individual who definitely means business. You are a go-getter who believes in getting things done. Your crushing handshake is your way of telling the world to hop on board or get out of the way.

4. The Wet Noodle

The Wet Noodle is a handshake that is all about submission. In this handshake, you barely even squeeze the other person’s hand, allowing their grip to completely overpower you. This handshake shows that you are a carefree individual who would much rather go along for the ride than step up and take charge. You like to go with the flow and don’t concern yourself with what other people think about you. Your passive nature makes many of your stressed and anxiety-filled friends envious.

5. The Fast Shake

The Fast Shake is the handshake that is all about rushing. You quickly grab the other person’s hand, furiously shake it up and down, and then release. This handshake shows that you are a very busy person who doesn’t have time for dilly-dallying or small talk. You prefer never to waste time, and you often cut right to the chase in conversation. You are not prone to bouts of daydreaming, but instead keep your feet planted firmly on the ground where they belong.

6. The Lingerer

The Lingerer is a handshake that shows a lack of social skills. One person holds on to the handshake longer than is comfortable, while the other person tries to pull away. This handshake shows that you don’t believe in simply adhering to social norms. You prefer to live in the moment. And if you feel like holding on a little longer, you are definitely going to do just that, even if it makes the other person uncomfortable. You are a free spirit with a warm and loving soul.

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7. The Topper

The Topper is a handshake that is all about subtle power. The person in control of the shake assumes the dominant position by maneuvering their hand to be facing downward, leaving the weaker person’s palm facing upward. This handshake is a sly way of letting the person know who is in charge without being aggressive or overly forceful. You are a person with a plan. You are always thinking ten steps ahead of everyone else. You know that the best things in life come to those who are patient, and you are happy to bide your time until your moment in the sun arrives.

8. The Fist Bump

The fist bump is a handshake that is all about sisterhood or brotherhood. In lieu of a real shake, each person simply pounds their fists together. This informal handshake is the way you let the other person know that you enjoy their company and that you are comfortable with them. This indicates that you are a good friend, as you likely wouldn’t try to fist bump a complete stranger. If you are the type of person who fist bumps on the first shake, be prepared to get some strange looks.

9. The Tip

The Tip is all about being smooth and sophisticated. Almost seamlessly, you are able to slip money into the other person’s hand through a handshake. This handshake, when performed correctly, shows that you are a very worldly individual. You are a smooth operator and feel very comfortable letting other people know that you are. Passing a tip through a handshake is just one of the many ways you like to show off and take control. You are a proud person, and rightfully so.

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10. The Perfect Handshake

While there is no perfect person, many people would argue that there is such a thing as a perfect handshake. According to Forbes, there are several steps to absolutely nailing your handshake, thus letting the other person know just how great you really are: “Keep good posture, make eye contact, hold your right hand out, give a good firm shake, follow the two second rule, smile, greet the other person and repeat their name.” Just because you know the “right” way to shake hands, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your normal personality-filled shake. But you may just want to keep the perfect handshake around in case you need it for a rainy day.

By taking a look at the way you shake hands, you can discover an enormous amount about your personality. Which of these is your handshake type? Let us know in the comments. Please SHARE if you found your handshake style to be revealing!